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Schedule and Curriculum

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RDC is pleased to acknowledge the varied training and certifications of its faculty. This combination creates the appropriate levels of pedagogy according to the dancers age and development. 

RDC is also Affiliated with American Ballet Theatre® and their National Training Curriculum.

We endeavor to use their guidelines to create an educational atmosphere of strong technique and safety.  

Sequential Description of  Class Levels 


Beginning Ballet & Tap

Age availability 4-5 years No Experience Necessary.

Beginning Ballet I

Age availability 7-9. No Experience Necessary. This is the first hour long ballet class. Lavender Leotard class uniform.

Beginning Ballet II

Age availability 7-9.  Prerequisite one year training. Baby Blue Leotard class uniform.

Basic Ballet I

Age availability 9-11. Prerequisite two years training. Any solid color Leotard class uniform.

Basic Ballet II

Age availability 10-12. Prerequisite 2-3 years training. Black Leotard class uniform.  

Basic Ballet III

Age availability 10-14 Prerequisite 3-4 years training. Black Leotard class uniform. 

Intro to Pointe

This special class is only offered in our Summer Intensive and is by Invitation Only. We welcome students from other schools to audition for placement. This program prepares the new pointe dancers for Intermediate Placement in the Fall term. 

Intermediate II - Pointe - Possible 2 Year Program at Instructor's Discretion 

Age availability 11-Adult   -  Twice a week Requirement, as well as a separate technique class.  

Intermediate III - Pointe - 2 Year Program 

Prerequisite one year pointe work . Twice a week Requirement, as well as a separate technique class.

Intermediate II & III (technique) 

This is the appropriate technique class for the Intermediate II & III pointe dancer.  

Class attire, black leotard and pink tights only

Advanced I - 2 Year Program

By Invitation Only. Prerequisite 5+ years training, Class is held twice a week with a separate technique class required. 

Advanced II - Partnering 

By Invitation Only. Prerequisite 5+ years training. Class held 3 times a week, technique class included, but encouraged to take additional technique and cross genre classes. 


Adult Program 

Adult & Teen Beginning/Basic Ballet

No Experience Necessary.  This class moves at a comfortable pace and is geared to the beginning or returning adult dancer. Many repeat this class to add a creative approach to exercise. Be brave and join the fun! 

Teen/Adult Intermediate Ballet  -  Tuesday 6:30-8 

A Continuation for the teen/adult dancer. Minimum two years training. 

Inter/Advanced Technique Ballet  -  Thursday 6:30-8 

Technique class suggested for and Advanced I dancers. Minimum 4 years training.  

Beginning Teen/Adult Tap

No Experience Necessary. A studio favorite for the adult dancer... It's never too late to start! 

Intermediate Teen/Adult Tap

For the tap enthusiast who is ready move a little faster. Many tappers take both adult levels. 


Children's Tap

Age Availability 7-11. No Experience Necessary.  A fun way to get started in a fast moving dance form. 

Intermediate Tap I

Age Availability 9-12. Prerequisite two years training. 

Intermediate Tap II-III 

Age Availability 11-Adult. Prerequisite 3 years training.  Fast paced. 

Advanced Tap

Age Availability 14-Adult.  Prerequisite 4 years training. Fast paced. 


Children's Modern 

Age Availability 7-10. No Experience Necessary. A natural movement aligned between ballet and jazz using horizontal levels with contemporary music. A popular choice for creative expression and improv. 

Modern I

Age Availability 10-14. 1-2 Years Experience. Technical level advancing. 

Modern II

Age Availability 13-Adult.  3 Years Experience. Technical level advancing. Ballet technique class Requirement

Modern III 

Age Availability 15-Adult.  4 Years Experience. Technical level advancing. Ballet technique class Requirement

We invite you to contact us with any questions regarding our current schedule.

Correct placement in our Curriculum may not exactly

match a previous class title from another school.

Please do not be alarmed - your progression is very important to us and

we will work with you to get you where you need to be. 

RDC instructors reserve the right to place students into the

appropriate class(es) based on age and skill level. 

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